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Built-in Qovery Docker with qovery CLI installed

Currently to create a lifecycle job, the only option is to use Docker mode where you specify a Dockerfile. With this in mind if I have a script that use the Qovery CLI the only option I see available is either have a Dockerfile that installs the CLI or use FROM ghcr.io/qovery/qovery-cli:latestIt would be great if there was a builtin Docker image to choose from that has the qovery CLI installed, so the process is faster and no need to build it, that way we could just run a script like#!/bin/sh set -e qovery application domain create -n "app" --domain api.preview-$QOVERY_PULL_REQUEST_ID-domain.com and only configure the CMD arguments to run the bash script like ["script.sh"] in the Qovery Console.

Moises Alejandro 3 months ago